Legal translation

Our company provides legal translation services. What a legal translation is? Legal translation is one of the most difficult types of translation requiring from a translator the knowledge of specific legal terminology which contains a wide range of difficult legal formulations and heavy phrases. Besides, a translator should have either legal education or special legal knowledge necessary for understanding various legal issues and, as a result, for an adequate and competent translation. The translator takes a lot of responsibility as legal translation is often combined with other services, such as notary certification of translation.

Legal translations are mostly required for those who provide legal services. For example, legal translation is often needed for attorneys, individual legal advisers, notaries, legal companies, legal advise offices and companies working in the sphere of licensing, registering or liquidating enterprises, etc. Sometimes one can’t do without legal translation while filing claims or defending in court in a civil, arbitration or criminal processes, economic and customs disputes and other. For complementary legal services of legal advisers such as patents and copyright, accreditation, valuation of property, notary certification, procurement of visas and citizenship, preparation of documents for permanent residence and work permits, certificates and licenses, preparation of documents for international freight-forwarding and legal information systems – for all these legal translations may also be required.


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