Translation of Technical Documentation

Turn-key operation manuals!

Technical documentation and texts of narrow specific are our strong points!

In addition to translating your technical documentation into/from a foreign language you get a printed or an electronic version of the translation absolutely identical to the original. Translation Bureau IDS provides graphic design of projects you need to be made up and prepares ready-to-print documents;

Our translation bureau daily confronts technical translations of different levels of difficulty and urgency in the spheres of mechanical engineering, machine-tool construction, instrument-making and shipbuilding, aircraft and space-system engineering, power industry, electrics, atomic power engineering, telecommunications, navigations and connections, gas, oil-producing and oil-refining industry, technical chemistry, tool-engineering, construction, IT industry, aircraft and space-system engineering, software and hardware, information display systems, electronic document management, etc. For each of the specified spheres of technical translation target project groups are organized with a unique team of qualified translators.

Our technical translators posses substantial experience in translating project and normative documents, tender proposals, quality standards, equipment and materials catalogues, documents on construction, launching the objects of mechanical engineering and machine-tool construction industries, documentation on technological process, equipment, scientific articles about physical metallurgy and metal processing, mining and smelting industry (non-ferrous and ferrous metallurgy), etc.

- Translation bureau IDS will be glad to consider the perspectives of cooperation with different representatives of science, enterprises, interested in scientific research and strengthening international links;

- Translation bureau IDS provides technical interpreters to assist during the processes of installation and launching new equipment at an enterprise;

- Translation bureau IDS provides technical interpreters for seminars, trainings, educational sessions for employees;

We have a great experience in working with technical translations and specialized texts. Our specialists are familiar with a wide range of technical terms and are able translate a document within the shortest possible term. Here are the examples of our technical translations:

- translation of technical documentation for equipment

- translation of software documentation

- translation of technical article

- translation of technical specification

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