Consecutive Interpretation:

Every day we face interpreting of different range of difficulty in the spheres of mechanical engineering, tool-engineering, instrument-making and shipbuilding, aircraft and space-system engineering, power industry, electrics, atomic power engineering, telecommunications, navigations and connections, gas, oil-producing and oil-refining industry, technical chemistry, instrument-making, construction, IT industry, aircraft and space-system engineering, software environment and hardware, display system, electronic document management etc.

We draw your attention to the fact that every consecutive interpreter specializes in his own sphere of interpreting!

At the will of our Customer we organize round-table discussions – preliminary meetings with a group of interpreters, assigned by our Bureau to a certain order. After the interview the Customer can choose one or another specialist. 

Simultaneous Interpretation:

- simultaneous interpreters for more than 35 languages;

- specialized equipment for simultaneous interpretation;

Departure specialists abroad with a Customer:

With preliminary arrangement with customer there is a choice of interpreters of concrete language and level (guide, consecutive interpreter, simultaneous interpreter), registration visa to the country to visit, directly departure of the interpreter

Transfer services:

A great variety of vehicles concerning their brand, class and cost.


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